2007 Cinco De Mayo Rally

The 2007 “shakedown” rally was held May 4th-6th at the Pine Ridge RV Campground in Birch Run. Those who attended were:  Maury/Joan Runyan, Rich/Cheryl Sands, Andy/Claudia Neumann, Jim/Irene McDaniels, Dave/Shirley Brendel, Joe Peplinski/Lorrie Robertson, Red/Joy Berenson, Gordon Berenson, Ralph Steinberger, Holly/Jason Robinson, Rhonda/Dave Asselin and kids Hannah, D.J., and Rebekah, Rosetta/Jim Maddick.  On Saturday Rachel/Don Bates and Mike/Sarah Jamison visited for the day.

The rally was hosted by Andy and Claudia Neumann again this year with a Mexican theme to celebrate Cinco de Mayo which fell on May 5th. Those who had them wore their Mexican attire and a group picture was taken by Rachel Bates.  That photo later appeared in the WBCCI Blue Beret Magazine.

The Friday evening supper was beans and weenies and after dark our first “Drive In” movie was shown on the side of the Neumann’s Airstream. It was RV starring Chevy Chase.

Saturday after breakfast everyone was on their own as to what they wanted to do. Shopping at the Birch Run Outlet Mall was a must for some and of course the town of Frankenmuth with all of their shops were another must for others. Talk about being able to shop until you drop!!!  In the afternoon there was a piñata for the children to break and then the scramble for the candy that was inside.

Dinner was Tacos with ice cream and cake for desert. After dark the projector was once again brought out for two “Drive In” movies.  First was a video of Baja  Mexico Airstream Caravan taken by the Brendel’s  this past winter.  Seconds was a video of the last Roy Oberson Concert.

Sunday was another continental breakfast and then time to pack up and leave a wonderful rally.  Everyone attending had a great time although the weather was a little cool (but this is Michigan). Once again Claudia and Andy put on a rally that will be very hard to beat. Thank you, again Claudia and Andy. You did a wonderful job and we all really appreciate your time and work you did to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves.