2009 Frankenmuth Installation Rally

The sky was cloudy with a bit of rain falling in Frankenmuth on October 2nd, but Joan Runyan had a BIG SMILE on her face as she greeted everyone.  Joan made a remark I tried to get some sunshine, but it didn’t work.  Joan we made our own sunshine for the weekend.  There were some new folks that came and some that we hadn’t seen in a while, including: Dave & Rhonda Asselin and DJ, Rebekah and Hannah; Dave & Shirley Brendel; Tom & Carol English; Lou & Jean Fox; Jim & Irene McDaniels; Ed & Ethel Polsdofer; Ralph Steinberger; Tom Curto & Steve Fuqua; Tom & Mary Bamborough; Don & Rachel Bates; Al & Dottie Miller; Mike Harrison & Donna Steciak; Richard & Cheryl Sands; Laura Steinberger; Holly Robinson; Jean & Dick Martin; Don & Carolyn Place; Carol Baidinger; Joe Peplinski & Lorrie Robertson; Bill & Elaine English; Gardy & Jessica Shull and Gannon & Garrick; Bernie & Lena Los and Mattie; Bob & Carol Graft and Dave & Diane Barker.

Friday evening they planned a potluck dinner for us.  Joan and Maury had the pork and sauerkraut going all afternoon waiting for the rest of the food to arrive.  Everybody started to bring there dishes that they had made for the meal.  Once all of the food was set up we didn’t have to be concerned about going hungry.  As usual there was an abundance of food and then some.  After dinner everyone just visited and got caught up with the latest news and checking to see when the snowbirds were going to be heading south.

Once again, Steve out did himself again, by creating a cake shaped like an Airstream.

Saturday morning the coffee pots were going again.  We had a spread of bagels, English muffins, juice, toast and hot chocolate mix.  Once breakfast was done some of us went to the Birch Run Outlet Mall and other to Bonner’s to do some shopping.  Others just stayed at the campgrounds to visit and look at the History Albums that Cheryl Sands brought along.  Al & Dottie Miller arranged for us to have a “flea market” in the afternoon.  There were a few things that went to new homes ans some went back to their old homes.

Saturday night we had a catered dinner.  What a spread it was.  Meatballs, ham, chicken, potatoes, corn, au gratin potatoes, fruit salad, rolls, potato salad, pasta salad, cole slaw and cake for dessert.  After dinner Bernie Los held a business meeting and he thanked all of his officers and chair persons for all of their help and work during the year.  After the business meeting was over Maury Runyan installed all of the officers for next year’s term.  He presented the officers with their badges and flags for their office.  Maury also presented to Bernie & Lena Los their Past President and Past First Lady badges, pins and Past President Flag.  Jim McDaniels thanked Bernie for a great job he did during the year and presented a card with a check in it from the membership as a thank you.

Laura Steinberger did a good job at selling those 50/50 tickets.  She had two ten dollar winners, and the rest were five dollar winners.  The winners are: Richard Sands, Tom English, Bill English, Irene McDaniels, Dottie Miller, Ed Polsdofer, Mike Harrison, Ralph Steinberger (he won twice), and Don Bates.  Once again the guys got a campfire going tonight as it wasn’t raining.  There were a few brave souls out by the fire.

Sunday morning we had another continental breakfast like we had on Saturday. Maury & Joan asked that everyone stay till after lunch time.  As we were going to be taking all of the food that was left over from the two dinners and put it out for lunch.  What a variety we had and still was food left for any one who wanted to take some home.  We did get rid of it.  Some probably didn’t have to cook for a couple of nights.  Everyone chipped in to help clean up the building and put things away.  We all had a good time.  And had LOTS Of FOOD TO EAT!!!!!!!!!

A Big Thank You to Joan & Maury for the great weekend.  We hope to see some of you at the November dinner.  It will be on Nov. 14th at Jack & Bonnie Beldings home.  If you are planning on coming give them a call.  It too, will be a potluck meal.