2019 Region 4 Rally

Five SEMAC Airstreams participated in this year’s caravan to the Region 4 (R4) Rally, including Tom & Donna Cobb, who had just picked up their new Airstream, from the dealership, two weeks earlier. The caravanners experienced smooth travel and light traffic in route to this year’s R4 Rally in Oak Harbor, OH.  Just minutes after we arrived, we were joined by Ralph Volk and Barb Derian who came from Jackson Center.  The parking crew had its work cut out for them in trying to find dry spots for attendees to park as there had been extensive rainfall in the days leading up to the rally, making many sites unusable.

The Oak Harbor area has an abundance of exceptional things to see and do.  Our group took advantage of several of them: Kelleys Island Glacial Grooves, Put-In Bay, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.  This is only a partial list of the sites and activities our group participated in/visited.

We found time to gather around campfires to enjoy one another’s company and listen to Ralph Volk play his guitar.  AWESOME isn’t adequate for describing Ralph’s abilities with a guitar!  He’s spent his entire life playing the guitar.  We felt blessed by the experience of listening to him play.

Ralph & Barb used their “Solo Stove” for our campfire.  These stoves are incredible.  They don’t smoke and the remaining ashes are nothing more than white powder.

Three of the meals provided at the rally were made in Dutch Ovens.  The food was fantastic!

Charitable donations were gathered for Jacob Carmichael, Fire Controlman Aegis 3.  This is a wonderful cause and we hope to see this practice of supporting our troops continue.

The R4 leadership team put in a lot of work organizing and carrying out a great rally for R4 members.  A well-deserved “Thank You” is due to each of them.  This was Don Hetzler’s final Rally as the R4 President.

To view a drone video of the Region 4 Rally, click here: https://youtu.be/48q3eL4HZ6Q