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News about Club Business Meetings, Voting, Officer and Committee Chair Appointments, etc.

5/29/2021: Updated SEMAC Bylaws and Policies Posted!

The SEMAC Executive Board recently approved some minor changes to the SEMAC Bylaws and SEMAC Policies and Procedures documents to bring them into alignment with the changes to the SEMAC Constitution that were ratified by the SEMAC Membership on 4/17/2021.

The updated SEMAC Bylaws and SEMAC Policies and Procedures documents are now posted in the Members Only area here (password required).

5/19/2021: WBCCI Lifetime Membership News

Are you aware that you can purchase a WBCCI Lifetime Membership and never pay WBCCI dues again?  (You will still need to pay your SEMAC dues each year, though.)  The WBCCI Lifetime Membership Fee is going up on August 1, 2021, so if you are interested, now is the best time to act and save several hundred dollars!  You also qualify for certain discounts as a WBCCI Lifetime Member.  You can learn more about the benefits and costs of a WBCCI Lifetime Membership on Page 27 of the May Blue Beret magazine or by following this link:  You can even apply online.

4/17/2021: The Revised Constitution is Approved!

The latest SEMAC Constitution, as adopted today, 4/17/2021, has been posted in the Members Only area here (password required).

This revised SEMAC Constitution was ratified by the SEMAC membership during the brief Membership Meeting held before today’s Luncheon in Bloomfield Hills.  The most significant change is adding a 2nd Vice President and two (2) Trustees as SEMAC Officers to allow more members to be involved with the decision making for the club.  These new Officer positions will remain open until the next election cycle.