Club History

Southeastern Michigan Airstream Club (SEMAC) History

In a way, SEMAC can trace it’s roots to 1957 when the Michigan Unit of WBCCI was formed, but it was in 1973 when we gained our independence and officially split off from the Michigan Unit as the Metropolitan Detroit Michigan Unit #137 (a.k.a. “Metro-Detroit“).  The Michigan Unit had always favored events more tailored towards retirees, who had more time to attend longer, sometimes week long, rallies and longer caravans.

Metro-Detroit was created to focus on the needs of WBCCI members that were still working full time, like weekend rallies and shorter caravans.  Over time, the makeup of the Metro-Detroit Unit evolved as its “working members” retired, creating a membership that was a mix of working and retired members.  The mix of working and retired members and the focus on weekend rallies and shorter caravans both remain true today.

In the mid 1960’s, WBCCI decided that an intermediate level of management was needed between the Units and the parent (National) club, and it created 12 Regions, each made up of multiple states and Canadian provinces.   Upon it’s creation in 1973, Metro-Detroit became part of Region 4, which was comprised of the states of Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia.  Metro-Detroit members have enjoyed participating in many Region 4 Rallies and Region 4 Caravans over the decades.

Metro-Detroit was honored that one of our members, Norm Hewer, the 1987 Metro-Detroit President, rose to become the 1992-93 Region 4 President and then the 1996-97 WBCCI International President!  A 2nd member of our Unit, Darryl Ewles, became the 2003-04 WBCCI International President and he brought the big 2004 WBCCI International Rally to nearby Lansing, Michigan!

For many years, Metro-Detroit co-hosted a Michigan State Rally together with the other WBCCI units in Michigan (including Michigan & Mid-East Michigan).  These units took turns being the primary host.

Over the years, the geographic area that is called home by members of the Metro-Detroit expanded to cover much of the southeastern portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, and sometimes even further.  Our club has even had members from Ontario, Canada!  Finally in 2018, we voted to change our name to the Southeastern Michigan Airstream Club to reflect this geographic diversity.  At the same time, we added “Airstream Club” to our name because of a recent agreement between WBAC/WBCCI and Airstream, Inc. that allows us to use “Airstream” in our name.

This pretty much brings you up to date.  We hope that you find the Southeastern Michigan Airstream Club interesting and inviting and will consider joining us.  All you need to join us is a fun loving spirit and an Airstream trailer or motorhome.  To join us, reach out to any of our officers, stop by and say “hi” at one of our events, or just click here.

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